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An Introductory Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy {Review}

I recently wrote about how my health has been fluctuating and how doctors have had no real answer. I’ve been taking a more “natural” approach to my health as of late, trying to figure out better ways to take care of myself without popping pills with obscene side effects.

the introductory guide to essential oil and aromatherapy

You guys. This book is the truth.

That’s all I have to say about that.

If you are a facts person, like me, they have them. Not too preachy and boring either, they lay out:

  • the history of essential oils
  • the various processes through which essential oils are made
  • the different ways to use essential oils in your everyday life
  • tools and equipment that you may need to start using essential oils
  • the different carrier oils and what they are best for (and they tell you what a carrier oil IS)

among other things.

They help you to distinguish between “good” essential oils and “bad” essential oils (Something I learned: some essential oils can be very bad for your health).

My favorite part is how it is broken down into sections. Don’t really care about all of the history and just want to jump into the nitty-gritty? Skip on over to chapter 4 where they outline various ailments that you may have and the essential oils that can help with that. But not only do they tell you what oils will help, they give you various methods to use them! Hello! So you can get started right away.

What kind of ailments are we talking about? The question is what kind of ailments do they not cover- fatigue, insect bites, metabolism, anxiety, warts, diarrhea, tick bites, moodiness, gout and so much more.

Of course they remind you that you should always consult with a doctor and Sonoma Press does not encourage the ingestion of essential oils like some people do. I’m still new to oils, so I’m not there yet in regards to putting them in my body- that’s a whole ‘nother thing to explore at another time.

Want to go the other way around? Have some essential oils and want to know what they are good for? They’ve got you covered. Skip over to chapter 8 where they discuss the different oils and what they are good for. They also give great pointers about each oil, for example:

  • may cause a headache
  • do not use while pregnant
  • may act as a sedative
  • may cause skin irritation

ya know, all of the important things that I’d like to know before starting something new.

I’ll tell you that I got a diffuser for Christmas and I dropped some lavender in there as anxiety has become an issue of mine after my last pregnancy. I’m not gonna say the lavender was the reason I slept like a baby last night, but I’m gonna say it may very well have been that.

I highly recommend this book if essential oils is something that you are curious about but aren’t sure where to start. I am continuing to do my own research on them, but this is a great reference for me.

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Merry Christmas, The Circus Is In Town! {Discount Code}

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Program Book


The circus is coming to town! Ringling Brothers is returning to the Tampa Bay with their latest show, Circus XTREME playing at the Amelie Arena January 1-4, 2015.


Use the code MOM4 for $4 off per ticket to the upcoming event.

Please note: 

This offer is valid only for Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday 11:00 a.m., Sunday 11 a.m. & 7 p.m. performances. It is not valid on Front Row and Premium seats. Not valid day of show. Excludes opening night performance on Thursday, January 1.



What should you expect from Circus XTREME?

In Ringling Bros.® Presents CIRCUS XTREME, Ringmaster Andre McClain guides audiences on a quest around the world with the help of hilarious adventure seekers, Alex and Irina Emelin. The show will thrill you as the Mongolian riders send arrows flying across the arena sky. This all-female troupe displays their skills in one of the most unique acts this year, performing a series of tricks and maneuvers atop elegant two-hump camels. Jaw-dropping freestyle BMX riders and free running tumblers fill the arena floor performing crazy-stunts mixed with acrobats leaping through a 15-foot transparent tower – and this is just one act! During this energetic show, personal introductions to our performing pachyderms will allow audiences to be on a first name basis with our magnificent animals. All this and more happens during the most unexpected circus experience at Ringling Bros. Presents CIRCUS XTREME.

So bring your children out and be ready to have a phenomenal time at the greatest show on earth!

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Let There Be Bread

When Kitchen Aid contacted me with the opportunity to review their snacking loaf pan I JUMPED at the chance.


I have always wanted to make bread from scratch. But I never took the initiative to do it, so this was my chance.

So that’s what that hook is for.
I can knead dough in my stand mixer?!

I browsed lots and lots of recipes and decided upon on this one on the Food Network website, mostly because of the minimal ingredients (I had all of these in my house except for yeast).

I also learned, after a quick Google search, that 12″ x 4″ x 2.5″ is pretty much the same as a 9″ x 5″ loaf pan, so that was a win… I was worried that I’d have to go on the hunt for specialty recipes or some crazy conversion chart.

The dough fit into the pan perfectly and with some light greasing, the bread came out after it was done without a hitch!



The bread came out perfectly. I’m excited to see what other recipes and types of loaves I can create in this pan.

About the Snack Loafing Pan

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Corrosion-resistant metal
  • Nonstick Coating
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees

I love it and I think you will too!


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Philips Goes Back-to-School

Back-to-School time is here and as you stock up on school supplies for your children, don’t forget about the everyday basics as well.

Toothbrushes! The kids have to brush each day, right?

The NEW Philips Sonicare for Kids is a rechargeable electric toothbrush for kids ages 4+, from the #1 dental professional recommended power toothbrush brand in the US.

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Make Way for Toys {Guidecraft Bin Cubby 6 Section Review}

We have a lot of toys.

It’s a little ridiculous, but my children are spoiled blessed with family and friends who see to it that our toy boxes are never hurtin’ for anything.

This is our “play area” aka the little corner of the living room that my children play in.

I needed this mess cleaned up and . . . → Read More: Make Way for Toys {Guidecraft Bin Cubby 6 Section Review}

Printstagram: Review & Giveaway

**Disclosure: Social Print Studios gave me a credit to purchase a product from Printstagram. All Opinions Expressed are my own and no other compensation was given.**

How many pictures are on your phone?

Today, my count was 2,169.

A large portion of those photos are from my Instagram account.

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Sofia The First: The Floating Palace Out on DVD!


Who doesn’t love Sofia? The village girl, turned princess (overnight).

We love her and I’m not gonna lie, I find myself singing the intro song every time it comes on TV, but shhh don’t tell my daughter. She says that I’m not allowed to sing any of the songs from her shows.

Pffff. Yeah Right. 

Now, Sofia’s got a . . . → Read More: Sofia The First: The Floating Palace Out on DVD!

Twirl: By Patsy Clairmont

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Booklook in exchange for this review.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

I think I was expecting this book to be better than what it was. For me, it just wasn’t my style. It is filled with little peeks into her life and . . . → Read More: Twirl: By Patsy Clairmont

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash


**Disclosure: I received a complimentary bottle of Dial’s Vitamin Infused body wash for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was given.** 

I am a huge fan of Dial’s Coconut Water Body Wash, so I was excited to try their new Vitamin Boost Body Wash.

You don’t need to use a lot to get a good . . . → Read More: Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash

The Priority List by David Menasche {Review}

** Legal Stuff: I was provided a copy of The Priority List from Simon & Schuster to read and review here. **

I think we all, at some point in our lives, stop and think about the things that are most important to us.

For David Menasche, The Priority List was . . . → Read More: The Priority List by David Menasche {Review}